Red onions in negroamaro wine

The combination of onions and Negroamaro wine is a perfect match: a combination that smells of Apulia and in which the crunchiness and intensity of the onions is skilfully tamed by all the delicacy and roundness of a wine that over the years has carved out a leading role for itself on the international wine scene. Typical Apulian products that stand out for their innate simplicity and which, when blended together, create new gastronomic discoveries that cannot go unnoticed, such as these red onions with Negroamaro. With their fabulous balance of sweet, bitter and sweet and sour, they satisfy the most demanding palates and fit perfectly into the context of a gourmet aperitif with an unmistakably Apulian yet refined flavour. 


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
190 gr
Peeled red onion (55%), Negroamaro wine, sunflower seed oil, apple vinegar, concentrated grape must, extra virgin olive oil, bay leaf (dried), salt.