Artichoke cream with lemon

Artichokes are among the most famous and valuable vegetables that the land of Puglia has to offer. They are grown in large quantities. In Apulia, they are the protagonists of a tasty and savoury cuisine, especially when served stuffed and cooked with great simplicity. After all, the watchword of Apulian cuisine is simplicity, as simple as this artichoke cream. A product that lends itself to being enjoyed in its natural state, simply spread on Apulian friselline or homemade bread, or used as a condiment for a fresh pasta dish in true Apulian style. The presence of the freshest lemon juice and the healthiest and most genuine extra virgin olive oil make it a fresh, light and palatable product. 


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
180 gr
Artichokes (80%), extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice (5%), salt. Acidity corrector: citric acid.