Turnip greens in oil Apulian style

Turnip greens in oil wholesale

La Terra di Puglia offers you and your customers these delicious turnip greens in oil (wholesale). Turnip greens in oil is a traditional Apulian recipe designed and developed a long time ago by Apulian farmers to preserve all the goodness, fleshiness and sweetness of the best turnip greens from one season to the next. A unique product, with a wonderful green color and a rounded and perfectly balanced flavour, developed to satisfy the desire for turnip greens at any time of the year.

La Terra di Puglia turnip greens in oil are turnip greens seasoned in a delicate and natural way, perfect as a side dish paired with meat or fish dishes, but they lend themselves very well to becoming the undisputed and very welcome protagonists of pasta salads, of potatoes, rice, or pizzas, focaccias and savory pies according to your imagination. The pasta with turnip greens in oil is a must, to be prepared warm or hot, with the addition, if necessary, of an anchovy or a little sausage. And, to try, a delicious "gourmet" sandwich with grilled octopus and Apulian turnip tops in oil.

Turnip greens in EVO oil, the most popular seasoned turnip greens even outside Puglia

Turnip greens in EVO oil are one of the most loved products by customers who usually purchase typical Apulian products. And for those who still don't know the gastronomic specialties of Puglia, they are a pleasant discovery. Don't hesitate to offer your customers La Terra di Puglia brand turnip greens in oil. A healthy, genuine product, coming from the best turnip plants grown right in the land of Puglia, processed manually and seasoned with excellent local extra virgin olive oil.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
300 gr
turnip greens 64%, extra virgin olive oil 34%, salt, aromatic herbs in variable proportions: dried garlic, dried oregano, dried basil, spicy chilli powder, dried rosemary; acidity regulator: citric acid.

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