Filleted aubergines

Filleted aubergines: good, tasty, Mediterranean like few others

The product we offer here is one of the most appreciated by our customers: it is high quality aubergine fillets, respecting the Salento tradition and accompanied by fine Apulian oil. This delicious product is perfect for creating irresistible bruschetta or becoming the main ingredient of gourmet sandwiches.

We cut the aubergines into julienne strips one by one for you

Our aubergine fillets are handcrafted, maintaining the rustic taste of tradition. Presented in a practical jar, they are ready to be enjoyed on the spot or used with maximum creativity. The excellent Mediterranean herbs and a touch of garlic complete the product. Their preparation follows a traditional method, in which the aubergines are cut into fillets and left in salt to remove excess water. Subsequently, they are carefully potted, ready to reach your kitchen.

Canned aubergine fillets: useful and versatile all year round

The strong and appetizing flavor of julienne aubergines makes them an excellent choice as an appetizer or to dress sandwiches and sandwiches. Furthermore, they are perfect for flavoring the typical Salento durum wheat frisa during the summer season. In winter, on the other hand, you can use them on pizza, in legume or potato salads and in many other preparations that are the fruit of your imagination.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
300 gr
Aubergines (65%), extra virgin olive oil (32%), wine vinegar (contains SULPHITES), hot pepper, garlic, mint and salt.

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