Taralli with onion

La Terra di Puglia branded taralli with onions are a product that conquers even the most demanding palates. Fragrant, perfumed, delicate and very sweet, they offer the palate an onion aroma that is always appreciated by lovers of the genre but by no means overwhelming. Offer them to your customers as an appetizer or as an aperitif perhaps in combination with a good Apulian white or rosé wine: it will certainly be a combination they will like, and they will not hesitate to return to your store to stock up on them again.

Taralli with onion: information

To give life to the onion taralli, La Terra di Puglia chooses the best Apulian onions, picks them by hand and processes them with care and love. Although it is best known for its tomatoes, olives and summer vegetables, the Apulian land is also a land of large onions. Which here, in this soil made so fertile by the sea, grow round, white, firm and really sweet. They are excellent for various types of processing thanks to their sweet and not overwhelming taste.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
300 gr