Taralli potatoes and rosemary

Raise your hand who doesn't love that inebriating and delicious smell of delicious and crunchy baked potatoes, cooked with salt, pepper and rosemary! Well, La Terra di Puglia proposes for you that type of aroma and flavor in a truly unique variety of Apulian taralli. Taste after taste, the memory of Sundays with the family comes back to mind, of the oven lit, of freshly baked potatoes. The land of Puglia knows it: there are flavors that know how to touch the emotional strings, reawakening never-dormant memories dating back to times even very distant from us. In short, with the combination of potatoes and rosemary, we pamper the customer by giving them what we like to define as "flavors of home".


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
300 gr
TYPE 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, salt, potato flakes 5%, rosemary 0.2%