Taralli 3 kg bucket

Satisfy your customers by offering them the opportunity to buy loose Apulian taralli for their daily table. Loose taralli are an opportunity to try more varieties and different tastes without having to buy the whole package for each type. If the packaged Apulian taralli are also beautiful as a gift idea or for those who want to keep them in abundance in the pantry, the loose ones meet the need for daily or weekly consumption.

For this reason, La Terra di Puglia allows you to buy the bagels you think are most interesting in bulk, in buckets of 3 kg each. Take advantage of it today and set up your shop of typical Apulian products in the way you think is best for the good performance of your business!

All the flavors and variations illustrated in the taralli section of this site are also available loose, in buckets of 3 kilos each.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
1 year