Taralli with turnip tops

The taralli with turnip tops bring to the table all the unique and always very welcome flavor of the Apulian turnip tops. It is a vegetable that belongs to the cabbage family but has a different aroma and flavor from that of cabbage, broccoli and other vegetables of the same species. Its flavor and aroma are fresher and herbaceous but at the same time it has a sweetness that conquers the palate. Cime di rapa can be enjoyed in Puglia throughout the winter, after having removed the longer, more leathery outer leaves. They are famous for being the protagonists of a famous first course, orecchiette with turnip tops, but they can also be enjoyed simply boiled for a few minutes and then seasoned with oil and lemon. The land of Puglia chooses today to bring all the unmistakable aroma of this vegetable inside the Apulian taralli. A love encounter that gives interesting results.

Taralli with turnip greens: information

The taralli with turnip tops combine the typical fragrance of the classic Apulian taralli with the always welcome taste of turnip tops. Your Apulian customers can only give you confirmation of the perfect success of this combination. While those who are not yet familiar with the flavors of Puglia will certainly be pleasantly surprised. The fresh, herbaceous and fragrant aroma of the Apulian countryside that these Apulian taralli give off is really pleasant, while the fragrance invites you to taste more and more.

The Terra di Puglia goes in search of the best raw materials, studies the combinations, works carefully in order to find the best niche products of the Apulian gastronomic tradition to satisfy all palates but above all to offer business customers a catalog of sure appeal for the end customer.


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