Dried tomatoes taralli

Dried tomatoes represent the quintessence of a land, Puglia, where the scorching sun warms and blinds for several months of the year. It is here that the countryside burns, that the olives ripen and that the farmers put the products of the land to dry. The Apulian peasants and the peasants of Salento know that the sun is a friend and precious "ingredient" of many recipes and many delicacies. And among these we cannot fail to mention dried tomatoes. Just dried tomatoes are the fundamental ingredient of these delicious taralli: fragrant, flavoursome, inviting, they have all the flavor of the land of Puglia in summer.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
300 gr
TYPE 0 and 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, extra virgin olive oil 8%, high oleic sunflower seed vegetable oil, dried tomatoes 5%, onion flakes 1%, salt
1 year

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