Natural Raw chicory tips

Chicory chicory chicory in natural are prepared according to the ancient and famous recipe of the Apulian farmers: a few simple and tasty ingredients for a "tanning" that allows you to keep the product fresh and crunchy just like mother nature provided it to us.

The proposal for "chicory chicory in its natural form" you find on this page does not include the use of olive oil. Unlike the product in oil, these chicory are very light and fragrant. Crunchiness and freshness for the customer who has an eye for light, light and healthy cuisine, but obviously very tasty and flavourful.

Drawing on the catalog La Terra di Puglia it will therefore be possible to propose chicory chicory both in the oil version, already seasoned, and in the natural one. With these chicory it is possible to create an imaginative and light cuisine, using them both as a side dish to be seasoned as desired, and as an ingredient in many delicious preparations: mixed salads, pasta or rice salads, focaccias, pizzas.

A typical Apulian vegetable with a fresh and light look, which once tried will never be missing in your pantry.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
500 gr
chicory sprouts (chicory) 60%, water, apple vinegar, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, salt

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