Celline olives with myrtle

The Land of Apulia is a land of immense expanses of olive trees. One of the most well-known and appreciated native cultivars, used for both olives for meals and oil, is undoubtedly the Cellina. And so the time has come to try these delicious cellina olives, fragrant and with a sweet and fruity flavour, perfect for adding to rich aperitifs or Italian-style hors d'oeuvres in combination with cured meats, cheeses and pickles. They also lend themselves well to being used as an ingredient in first or second courses, stewed or cacciatore meats, pasta alla puttanesca, and vegetables cooked the Apulian way (such as the famous paparine, but not only). 


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
300 gr
Celline di Nardò olives (62%), water, salt, myrtle (leaves), acidity regulator: lactic acid, citric acid.
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