Negroamaro grape jam

A grape jam made according to the ancient typical Apulian recipe of homemade jams and marmalades. Its sweetness is all natural as for its preparation we made use of the natural sugars of the fruit. A healthy product that tastes of home flavors, perfect for preparing pies, for stuffing the famous Apulian pitteddhe or, again, to be served with aged cheeses as part of a delicious Italian appetizer.

Negroamaro grape jam: information

An excellent grape jam (often called grape jam or grape mustard in Puglia) to always keep at hand for any occasion. Also excellent on homemade bread with or without the addition of butter, it satisfies the palate of the whole family. Contains grapes from Negroamaro vines, a native Apulian plant known for giving life to excellent wines but also, as you can see, also an excellent product to be kept at home and spread on bread.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
220 gr
100% uva di negroamaro