Mini Kit bag

A beautiful bag in sturdy cardboard finely decorated with the motifs dear to LaTerradiPuglia. It is designed to hold two typical Apulian products of your choice from baked goods, pickles and preserves. There are no limits to the possibilities of mixing according to imagination! The sturdy handles are also perfect for those who need to carry the bag by hand: it is much more practical and manageable than a traditional gift box. Its modest size and compactness also make it ideal to be carried in a suitcase or car without taking up space. In addition, the cute themed sticker is perfect for sealing the handles and completing the packaging in full Apulian style. 

The Mini Tasting Kits to create with imagination with the beautiful decorated cardboard bag

With the Mini Tasting Kit, you can offer a unique and personalised taste experience. Choose the products you like best, such as a fine extra virgin olive oil and an artisanal jam, or a tarallo or frisellina with an Apulian pâté. The possibilities are endless!