Shi drum fish and wild peas sauce

A delicious sauce ready to prepare a tasty pasta dish under the sign of traditional flavors and well-being. It contains 50% of fresh Mediterranean shi drum fish, coming from the seas off Puglia, and 39% of wild peas. A winning combination both in terms of flavor and nutritional profile.

And while most of the ready-to-eat sauces on the market contain only about 7% of fish often coming from distant seas, this Apulian ready-to-eat fish sauce totally reverses the trend. Once again La Terra di Puglia thinks about the well-being and the palate of those who buy and consume its typical Apulian products, focusing on quality and authentic and local flavour.

The shi drum fish sauce with wild peas is perfect for dressing traditional fresh pasta in the typical Salento shapes, orecchiette, macaroni, sagne or others. Advice: prefer fresh pasta prepared with local flours and low gluten intake and high nutritional intake.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
180 gr
Croaker pulp Argyrosomus regius 50%, cicerchia 39%, onion, carrots, celery, sunflower oil, salt