Sliced hot chili pepper

Spicy chili peppers, good because, fleshy and spicy at the right point

Hot peppers are very welcome both in the kitchen and on the table. The ones proposed here are spicy chili peppers in slices in oil, very versatile and useful in the kitchen. They are perfect for creating spicy recipes: soups, stews, first courses. Or, if placed on the table, they are that master key capable of giving flavour, joy and color to any dish. There are those who love "spicy" so much that they put it practically everywhere.

Sliced hot peppers

Spicy pepper slices are a product capable of satisfying lovers of spicy flavors in a versatile and not overwhelming way. They offer a balanced and rounded spicy flavor, balanced and pleasant. There are hundreds of types of chili peppers and degrees of spiciness. To such an extent that experts have developed a "scale of spiciness, called the Scoville scale. Well, La Terra di Puglia hot peppers satisfy the desire for spiciness in a pleasant and perfect way for every need.

The chili peppers that La Terra di Puglia chooses for this product are long, thin and of a beautiful intense red. A variety widely spread in Puglia, which is harvested in summer and processed immediately, when the chillies are at their peak ripeness. The Puglia sun helps these extraordinary vegetables to ripen and release that spiciness that our customers love immensely.

Extra virgin olive oil is the product that accompanies, envelops and makes many La Terra di Puglia products even more delicious. It is a quality oil, which you can easily enjoy together with the vegetables it envelops. And which becomes pleasantly spicy in turn!


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
300 gr
Peppers 56%, extra virgin olive oil 33%, wine vinegar, salt

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