Grilled aubergines rolls

Grilled aubergine rolls

The most loved stuffed aubergines in Puglia

The grilled aubergine rolls that La Terra di Puglia offers to you and your customers are a versatile, tasty and fun idea to keep in the pantry all year round. You don't need special occasions to bring them to the table: it is a simple product that easily finds space on the everyday table. They go well with grilled or steamed meat or fish dishes, but not only. In addition to being a delicious and inviting side dish, these quick aubergine rolls are also the perfect appetizer for those who love to indulge in something good before lunch. They pair well with other traditional Apulian pickles, cold cuts and cheeses.

The grilled aubergine rolls are filled with dried tomatoes, dried onion, and amazing local wild fennel. Every taste is an emotion that tells a story steeped more than ever in the Mediterranean. These aubergine rolls are grandmother's recipes that La Terra di Puglia has kept in the book of memories for a long time, and which today are ready to become an integral part of your family's gastronomic history.

Grilled aubergines in oil: stuffed they are even tastier

After the first taste, La Terra di Puglia stuffed grilled aubergine rolls will no longer be missing from your pantry

The product that mother nature has generously given us becomes a magic of flavor. La terra di Puglia grilled aubergines in oil are quick grilled aubergines. Their filling with the best dried tomatoes and the sweetest and most delicate dried onions is something special. In short, the stuffed grilled aubergines are undoubtedly worth a try!


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
300 gr
aubergines (40%), extra virgin olive oil (32%), dried tomatoes, dried onion, wild fennel, wine vinegar (contains SULPHITES), salt, sugar.

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