Natural turnip tops

Turnip greens are somewhat the symbolic ingredient of traditional Apulian cuisine and gastronomy. Their unique taste, slightly bitter and herbaceous and deliciously sweet at the same time, makes them truly versatile. Perfect in combination with the famous handmade Apulian orecchiette to give life to the first dish that perhaps more than others symbolizes Puglia in the world, turnip greens lend themselves well to giving life to other combinations. With the sausage in an irresistible Salento puccia, on pizza, or even as a light, healthy and tasty side dish alongside fish or meat main courses.

The Land of Puglia has chosen to cultivate, harvest and process these turnip greens for you one by one. And to cook them naturally, delicately, without adding other flavors. A simple product, with the right consistency, firm and full-bodied, to be used in the kitchen with imagination and versatility.

La Terra di Puglia turnip greens are healthy and safe. The product is sterilized and it is possible to taste it simply natural or use it according to imagination in the kitchen.


Data sheet

Number of items per pack
500 gr
Turnips 54%, water and salt