Monocultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil

Coratina monocultivar extra virgin olive oil

There is no shortage of olive cultivars in Puglia and each of them is capable of producing a different oil capable of meeting the most disparate tastes. The oil proposed here comes from the Coratina cultivar. The name "Coratina" derives from that of a city in Puglia, Corato. It is in this area that the greatest number of trees belonging to this specific cultivar is concentrated. But not only that: olive trees belonging to the Coratina variety are also present in many other areas of Puglia.

Information on Coratina monocultivar extra virgin olive oil

Coratina extra virgin olive oil has an intense, fruity but also bitter and spicy flavour. It is a healthy, tasty oil, perfect for those who love strong and well-defined flavours. Today it is a particularly requested and sought after oil precisely because of the tasty and very pleasant note that it manages to add to every dish. In addition to being very popular with an ever-wider audience, coratina oil is also one of the most requested.

La Terra di Puglia offers you the product in 500 ml format.


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