Olio Extravergine Monocultivar Leccino

Leccino monocultivar extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is the result of know-how and craftsmanship that has its roots in a very distant past. The underground oil mills which still remain well preserved and can be visited in the land of Puglia today give us the measure of an activity which is a distinctive feature and characterizing sign of a territory and a people who still today pass on its gestures one by one. Among the olive oils most produced in Puglia we find Leccino. It is an oil deriving from the cultivar of the same name, which is widely spread throughout Puglia and in particular in its southernmost part.

Characteristics of Leccino extra virgin olive oil

Like all monocultivar oils, Leccino extra virgin olive oil presents the identifying traits of the cultivar from which it comes in its flavor and color. Leccino gives a delicate and very pleasant oil. Its flavor is fruity and sweet and its hints are of almonds. It is not an intense oil and does not pinch the throat: it is the type of oil that is usually very popular even with children. It lends itself very well to seasoning and characterizing different types of dishes in a non-overpowering way and is widely used in everyday cooking.

La Terra di Puglia offers you the product in 500 ml format.


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