Organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil is a product today widely requested by an increasingly wider range of consumers. Consumers who prefer informed purchases for various reasons. Among these, attention to the environment, but also respect for what you bring to the table for yourself and your children. Eating correctly by reducing chemistry to a minimum is a sign of attention towards well-being and health in a far-sighted way, in the awareness that sometimes it is really true that "we are what we eat", and that incorrect nutrition can also be a predisposing factor for a series of pathologies.

Organic extra virgin olive oil: information

Organic extra virgin olive oil is a very pleasant oil, with a clear and light color and a well-balanced flavor that is very popular with everyone. It is an oil that, in addition to offering great safety in terms of its production steps, also offers a flavor in line with the expectations of even the most demanding customer and a wonderful straw yellow color with green veins.

La Terra di Puglia offers you the product in 500 ml format.


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Number of items per pack
500 ml
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Certified Organic product